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Services Provided

I offer brief, family-centric, spirituality-based counseling services to individuals and families struggling with or searching for recovery from addictions. With over 25 years of personal recovery, I bring an experienced perspective to the challenges of the journey. 

 I work with adolescents and adults struggling with existing addictions or the issues of relapse and other stressors in early recovery. I pay special attention to the client's family. We know that the family develops many of the symptoms and behaviors of the practicing addict and that their recovery is every bit as important as that of the client. In fact, the two are inseparable. Hence my treatment plans incorporate working with the family members as a group and/or individually on a regular basis.

Many alcoholics and addicts have attended the Anonymous programs but have relapsed, sometimes on a recurring basis. Others have attended residential programs with the same result. Most of these programs utilize a spirituality-based, behavioral modification approach and are successful in helping millions of people recover. However, there are those who have struggled to maintain abstinence and work the program because the issues that motivate their addictions are not behavioral but psychological and spiritual and need to be dealt with professionally. That is where therapy is required. That is where I can help.

I have utilized animals (horses and dogs) in the past as adjuncts to my therapeutic approach and believe in the efficacy of experiential learning with animals. Dogs and horses are especially effective when working with teens who frequently have trust issues associated with their behavior. My therapy dog, Reggie, is available for those clients, both teen and adult, who request his services. His services are free.

In today's busy world, time becomes a valueable commodity. To accomodate your busy schedules, I offer Teletherapy Services to those clients for whom office visits are inconvenient. I utilize Skype and Facetime for these purposes. In addition, telephone consults are provided for emergency situations only

My counseling experience includes three years of case management at The Camp Recovery Center in Scotts Valley, CA, a year and a half of crisis intervention at the Santa Cruz County Jail, individual and family counseling at the Family Services Agency of the Central Coast, social work for an adoption agency and, for over three years, working with primarily opiate addicts at Janus of Santa Cruz as Lead Counselor in their methadone clinic.  From December 2009 to June of 2012, I worked in the Santa Cruz City School District  in three High Schools running a federally-funded drug and alcohol reduction program aimed at high school students. I was also responsible for delivering a four-part curriculum to freshmen  as well as for after-school drug and alcohol classes for students caught abusing drugs on campus. I have maintained a private practice specializing in addiction and recovery counseling since 2007.  I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA. I have been in personal recovery since 1988.

If you have read this far and have questions or would just like to talk, the first call is free so please call me at 831-332-7324. I can help!