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RECOVERY from addiction or relapse begins with the recognition that (1) there is a problem and (2) whatever you have been trying hasn't worked; I know, I've been there and I can help.

If you are a social drinker noticing changes in your behavior, I've been there and I can help BUT there are lots of resources for you to check out before we get acquainted! Educate yourself about the disease of addiction; and if you think you may be developing a problem contact your doctor, your spiritual advisor, a trusted friend or any one of the Anonymous programs for help before it becomes one! Hit the Links & Resources tab above to start your journey!

If, on the other hand, you are beginning to notice changes in your lifestyle and relationships as a result of your drug and/or alcohol use, I've been there and I can help BUT you should have attended at least one Anonymous meeting based on your drug of choice and contacted one of the above professionals 
before you call me. Millions have achieved successful recovery using these free resources. If it still isn't working or you would like to discuss your options, I can be reached at 831-332-7324.

If you are in trouble because of your alcohol and/or drug use, and you have tried the steps above and your attempts haven't worked, I've been there and I can help. Call me at 831-332-7324.

If you have relapsed and are feeling hopeless, ashamed and lost, I've been there and I can help. Call me at 831-332-7324.

If you are a family member wondering how you can survive in the chaos and are desperately looking for help from anyone or anywhere, I know, I’ve been there, too and I can help! You should know that you need help as much as the person you love does. Call me at 831-332-7324..

For more about me and my services, press the Services Provided tab above.